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Automatic cover machine market environment affects relations
Publisher:DESUN INDUSTRIAL GROUP LIMITED       Time:2015-09-06

As users of the gradual deepening of the technical characteristics of the automatic cover machine understanding and exemplary use, led to domestic enterprises have turned to production of automatic cover machine.

Automatic Cover Machine (cover machine) is my company has completely independent intellectual property rights of the latest products:

1, to improve the positioning accuracy of cardboard automatic correction device.

The implementation of this patent, the positioning accuracy cardboard strictly controlled within t0.5mm, completely solve the problems of the industry for many years hardback cover positioning is not accurate historical problems.

2, increase the speed of delivery cardboard plate means delivery cycle.

The patent, changing the status quo on the market only a feeder machine to send a cover plate, using multiple sets of feeder cycle sent to board, greatly increasing the production speed.

3, the use of Platform processes automatic wrapping machine.

The patent, so that the effect of edging firmer surface scratches greatly reduced, so that the appearance of the product more attractive.

Automatic Cover Machine (cover machine) sales of equipment has been in rapid growth, the rise in this period in the number of automatic cover machine and equipment manufacturing enterprises,

It produced thousands of applications to meet the automatic cover machine machine. Holding automatic cover machine sales growth. Because of the domestic market a variety of promotional, display, universal and user training, also greatly cover the automatic extension of the large machine market broadened, to domestic users of advanced manufacturing technology with this confidence and determination, contributed to automatic Cover machine can be more widely applied external environment, which is what we often say that the market affects.